New Update Item Mobile Legends Bang-Bang

Item Mobile Legends Bang-Bang

Soul Disk

  • +10 Magic Power
  • Unique : +15 Magic PEN
  • Unique Passive - Soul Steal : Eliminating a hero grants 5 soul Stacks, While assist grant 3 stacks. Every 15 soul Stack Convert into 20 point of magic damage. Lose all stack upon death (Already converted stacks are unaffected.) Gain up to 10  points of magic damage.

Golden Staff

  • +40 Physical ATK
  • +40% Attack Speed
  • Unique Passive - Endless Strike : Normal basic attacks add a stack of Endless Strike. After accumulating 2 stack of Endless Strike, the effect of the next basic attack is triggered twice.

Sky Guardian Helmet

  • +1550 HP
  • +100 HP Regen
  • Unique Passive - Recovery : Regenerates 1.5% of hero's total HP. Eliminating enemy heroes raises regeneration rate by 0.4%, while assists only raises the rate by 0.2% (includes eliminations and Assist prior to purchase), up to 3.5%/ This effect wears off after 5 seconds of the hero taking damage.

Demon Shoes

  • +30 Mana Regen
  • Unique : +40 Movement SPD
  • Unique Passive-Mysticism : Eliminations of enemy heroes and assist regenerates hero's mana by 10%, while eliminating minions regenerates 5% of the hero's mana.

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