New Hero Lunox with 4 Skills

New Hero Lunox Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends New Hero Lunox Lore, Stats, Price, Abilty, Gameplay and  Skills in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

New Hero Lunox Background Story

The sound of battle echoes thruoght the Labyrinth's endless corridors. Heroes clamor amongst each other as they fight for possession of the Twilight Orb. Little do they know, the Orb is quietly absorbing all the energy within the Labyrinth, much like a starving beast devouring its prey... With no warning, the Twilight Orb bursts intoa blinding light. The heroes stand in awe.

Standing before them is a young girl with majestic wings. The heroes are astonished to see the coveted Ring of Chaos and Lightof Order resting at her side. The girl's sleepy eyes shimmered beautifull, like emeralds resting crystal-clear water. Her mysterious energy mesmerizes the heroes, turning the once chaotic chamber into pure silence. Unwittingly, the heroes fell into the girl's dreamworld and saw her story with their own eyes.

The Twilight Orb formed when the two opposing energies of order and chaos violenty collided into one. That day brought an era of chaos to the Land of Dawn and worlds plunged into darkness. At the time, the girl possessed a natural talent for magic. Her magical powers were so extensive she could create dreamworlds that constantly refracted and altered the reality of the world. Her name was Lunox.

One day, a strange voice echoed within her: In order to protect this world a sacrifice must be made! Go forth and enter yout dream world to maintain the balance between order and chaos.

Lunox silently accepted her fate and decided to sacrifice herself to save the world she loved. In a split second, Lunox entered her dreamworld and became a part of the Twilight Orb to hold order and chaos in balance.

It is said that Lunox is destined to one day discover the greatest secretin the Land of Dawn.

Lunox The Enlightened One

Price32000 BP/599D

Lunox Stats

Physical Attack115
Physical PEN0
HP Regen34
Mana Regen23
Magic Power0
Magic RES10
Magical PEN0
Speel Vamp0
Movement Speed250
CD Reduction0
Attack Speed0.808
Crit Strike Chance0%

New Hero Lunox 4 Skills

New Hero Lunox 4 Skills
Lunox has lost all sense of time and reality. As a result, she does not benefit from CD reduction effects. When Darkening becomes more severe, CD effects become magic PEN. When Briliance becomes stronger, CD effects become double resist.

Starlight Pulse
Cooldown: 2.0 Mana Cost: 60
Lunox summons a rain of starlight upon nearby enemies, dealing 200(+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. The starlight the returns to Lunox, who recovers 40(+10%Total Magic Power) points of HP. Recovery effects is doubled when dealing damage to enemy heroes. Passive Effect: Gain one stack of Twilight.

Chaos Assault
Cooldown: 2.0 Mana Cost: 40
Lunox unleashes chaotic energy forward, dealing 240(+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slows an enemy unit. If the enemy unit has a Chaos Mark, then this skill's CD immediately refreshes. When attacking enemy heroes, this skill deals an additional 3% of their total HP in Magic Damage. Passive Effect: Gain one stack of Twilight.

Cosmic Fission
Cooldown: 10.0 Mana Cost: 70
Lunox uses a fusion of energy to deal 280(+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage in a fan-shaped area, causes a low effect.

Order & Chaos
Cooldown: 28.0 Mana Cost: 120
Lunox is twisted by the powers of chaos and order. Every time she uses her powers they become stronger. When she uses the power oforder, she gains Briliance and deals continuous damage inan invulnerable state. When she uses the power of chaos, she gains Darkening and deals damage to enemies in a fish-shaped area.

Lunox Gameplay

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