Ideal Hero Composition for Ranked Games

by WtripleO

Ranked Games
Ranked games has many factors that affect your chances of winning but one of the key factors would be Hero Composition in which many players often throw or taken for granted just because they prefer to use their "favorite hero" or their desired hero rather than heroes that can help win the game.

Don't get me wrong but, its also a player's right to choose what hero they want to play and more importantly if they know that hero more than the needed hero for the composition why noit right? Afterall everyone has the right to enjoy the game the way they want it...

But to give you guys an idea, an Ideal hero composition would most often be...
  • [col]
    • Emblem Jungle
      Emblem Jungle
    • Emblem Tank
      Emblem Tank
    • Embelm Fighter
      Embelm Fighter

1 mage/Support
1 Tank
1 Fighter
1 Marksman
1 Assassin

This Hero line up alone is a standard line up in a sense that Both the tank and fighter can easily be the front line or protectors towards the carries while the marksman is your standard Primary DPS hero, while your Mage is your Primary burst and wave clear hero and if it is a support rather than a mage then the support is your secondary wave clear and Main utility hero while your Assassin is your secondary burst and dps hero that usually flanks enemies or assassinates/focuses on the enemy carries.

On the other hand there are also various hero compositions that swaps out the standard ones, for example, having
  • [col]
    • Emblem Marksman
      Emblem Marksman
    • Emblem Mage
      Emblem Mage
2 Tanks
1 Mage
1 Marksman
1 Assassin

To have a mix of physical and magical damage dealers at the same time heavy initiators or protectors towards enemy carries or towards team carries.This is also an ideal composition as the damage is balanced out but this time heavily emphasizes on reinforcing the front lines.

Of course there is also the double double composition in which it excells strongly at team fights but when it comes to objectives such as pushing or turtles/lord then its not the ideal one but it works...

  • [col]
    • Emblem Custom Mage
      Emblem Custom Mage
    • Emblem Custom Assassin
      Emblem Custom Assassin

2 Tanks
2 Mage
1 Assassin

This composition often neglects the marksman role since they feel that mages are superior and that they think having the burst is enough but in fact, having a standard DPS hero is always the ideal choice especially if the game goes on to the late game but of course any marksman would easily be deleted with this kind of line up thanks to the heavy initiation as well as burst.

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