Fortnite Season 4 Leaked Skins - New Battle Royale Skins Coming to the Game Soon

Fortnite Season 4 Leaked Skins
Fortnite Skins: Chromium and Diecast

Fortnite Skins: Chromium and Diecast Now in Daily Item Shop Along With Persuader Pickaxe

It's another new day which means another shop refresh for Fortnite and nowadays has brought one thing very special.

As a part of the item shop refresh for may 11th, 2018 players will grab themselves 2 brand new, as yet unreleased skins.

These were antecedently leaked at the beginning of Season 4 once dataminers found details of them in the games files.

As of today players will now purchase the new chromium Outfit as well as the Diecast outfit that is an element of the same set.

On top of this, there is also the new persuader pickaxe

The official Twitter account additionally announced the news, with the above image and therefore the following message:

"Built for one purpose. Victory. Boot up with the new chromium Outfit and persuader pickaxe in the store now!"

Take a closer look at these new items in the gallery below, together with some of the other items leaked at the beginning of season 4 (some of which, have currently been released)

Fortnite Season 4 Leaked Skins - New Battle Royale Skins Coming to the Game Soon

Fortnite Season 4 was released this morning and dataminers have already found some new skins which is able to be coming back to the game in the future. along with a better check out some existing Battle Pass skins.
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    • Fornite Leaked Back Bling 1

    • Fornite Leaked Back Bling

    • Fornite Leaked Emotes 1
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    • Fornite Leaked Emotes 2

    • Fornite Leaked Emotes 3

    • Fornite Leaked Emotes 4
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    • Fornite Leaked Emotes

    • Fornite Leaked Gliders 1

    • Fornite Leaked Gliders 2
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    • Fornite Leaked Gliders

    • Fornite Leaked Pickaxes 1

    • Fornite Leaked Pickaxes 2
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    • Fornite Leaked Pickaxes 3

    • Fornite Leaked Pickaxes 4

    • Fornite Leaked Pickaxes
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    • Fornite Leaked Skins 1

    • Fornite Leaked Skins 2

    • Fornite Leaked Skins 3
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    • Fornite Leaked Skins 4

    • Fornite Leaked Skins 5

    • Fornite Leaked Skins
This isn't the only big skins news though, as yesterday Epic Games additionally unveiled 2 putting pictures of the carbide and Omega skins introduced with Season 4.

Both skins will be upgraded throughout season 4 betting on your progression with the Battle Pass.

“You're telling me the Omega Outfit also can be upgraded? that is right!” a message from Epic Games reveals.

“Play to extend your season level and unlock all new appearances. included in Battle Pass Season 4.”

You can take a look at these two skins, here and here.

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