Season 8 Top 10 Must Ban Heroes Mobile Legends

Ban Heroes Mobile Legends
With the new season kicking in as well as the 4 hero ban, You must be wondering who to ban and why. Check out the list we are bringing to you and be sure to select them accordingly when you play ranked games to increase your chances of winning.

The ever so famous assassin that can easily wipe out teams or give the other team a hard time regardless if you are a pro player or a newbie thanks to his burst and mobility. His popularity and easy to play as well as threats to players or team earns him the #1 spot in the list.
Gussion is the second mage type assassin that has the potential to shred any targets thanks to his set of knives as well as his set abilities and combos.. We also know that the 1st Mage assassin, Karina was able to bring victories to many players in the early season but with Gussion, it requires a certain skill level to master and play him successfully hence bringing him to the #2 spot in the list.

If you haven't played or tried martis yet, then you're definately missing out on this hero as he can easily burst down any heroes in the early to mid stages of the game. Not only that his ultimate can easily wipe out teams if they are down to low health. Overall his utilities and damage output easily puts him in the #3 spot.
Fanny is one of the considered unbalanced hero yet the truth is, it is a double edge hero in which highly depends on the player's capabilities to use her cables properly otherwise she can easily be rendered useless at the same time if the player is highly capable, Fanny can easily wipe out entire teams. Overall this earns her the #4 spot thanks to her potential relying heavily on the player's skill.

Thanks to the recent remodel and rework, Alice easily makes it to the top 5 just because her recent passive change gives her the much needed scaling potential in the later stages of the match. Not only that, her ultimate can easily force out enemies to scatter because if they group up, they can get melted down if players are not wary of her. And the kicker? Her basic skills can easily give her the mobility and lock down on targets as well as her passive gives her the scaling HP she needs to be durable enough to stay in fights longer than other mages.

One of the favored marksman thanks to her great poke and range. Lesley makes it on the #6 because for one its slightly easy to counter her but at the sametime if players are not cautious when approaching her she can easily delete you regardless of what hero you play especially if you're facing a farmed Lesley.
Despite being an unfavored pick in this season, her capability to set up in team fights is still something to be cautious of as well as her mobility and burst damage hence earning her the #7 Spot in the list.
Cyclops is one of the easiest heroes to play that can easily wipe out teams when he is able to get his items. At the same time his passive makes him a hero to be feared as he can easily dish out continues streams of damage towards any heroes be it tanks or squishy heroes. Therefore He can easily makes it in spot #8 in our list.

Helcurt's ultimate can easily render marksmen and various mages ineffective due to vision being blocked. Aside from that if Helcurt manages to have a max stack on his stingers he can easily burst down squishes targets. Which puts Helcurt #9 on the list.

Johnson is one of the few tanks that has a heavy global presence thanks to his ultimate. This further allows him to change the tides of battle by outnumbering the enemies along with his medium burst damage and Crowd Control abilities which makes him placed in the top 10 must ban.

*Don't agree with our list? then why not try to ban them in your ranked matches and see that you'll have an easier time winning your games, or better yet use them when you can.

by WtripleO

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