New Hero Chang'e Mobile Legends

New Hero Chang'e Mobile Legends

Chang'e Background Story

Chang'e is from the mysterious land to the east and is the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon. From an early age, she exhibited amazing magical potential, quickly mastering many of the spells the Great Dragon introduced to her. At a young age, she even managed to learn the Great Dragon's secret technique - Sacred Satellite, winning his eternal favor, However, her fun-loving nature often caused him many headaches. Finally, he decided that he just did not have the time to both teach and take care of this smart and cute little apprentice, and so he handed her over to his adopted son, Zilong to supervise her, hoping that Zilong's diligent and determined nature would have some kind of impact on Chang'e. Zilong came to love his new sister very much, not only acompanying her in her magical studies, but also finding divine animal friends to play with her. Chang'e like being with her brother Zilong very much, and the happiest part of her day was when, at the end training, would carry her home on his back. After the second War of the Planes broke out, Zilong was ordered by his master to assist the wise rulers of the land. He traveled to many faraway realms and accomplished many great things, but deep in his heart, he missed his sister greatly. After Zilong left, Chang'e felt there was something missing in her life, and she couldn't help but while away the days dreaming of those happy times. When she learned that her brother was in the Land of Dawn, Chang'e took the sacred weapon given to her by the Great Dragon and secretly, left to track down her brother, Zilong.

Price32000 BP/419D

Chang'e Stats

Physical Attack123
Physical PEN0
HP Regen44(37+7)
Mana Regen40(20+20)
Magic Power23(0+23)
Magic RES13
Magical PEN0
Speel Vamp0
Movement Speed260(240+20)
CD Reduction2%
Attack Speed0.83
Crit Strike Chance0%

Change'e Skills

Change'e Skills
Lucky Bunny (Passive)
Every time you successfully cast askill, you will be blessed by your rabbit, Each stack reduces skill cooldown time by 0.5 seconds. Can stack up to 6 times.

Bunny Bomb - Cooldown: 50.0 Mana Cost: 150
Launches a rabbit missile forward, which deals 240(+0) magic damage to the first enemy hit and then immediately splits into six small missiles that continue chasing the target. Each missile deals 160(+0) magic damage (each consecutive missile hit deals less damage). If the rabbit missile files its full distance without htting a target, it will split into 6 smaller missiles and randomly chase the nearest enemy units.

Biu!Biu!Biu! - Cooldown: 8.0 Mana Cost: 65
Continuously launches 3 energy balls forward. dealing 100(+0) magic damage to the first enemy unit it encounters. If all three energy balls hit the same unit, the target will be stunned for 1 seconds. The same target can only be stunned once per 10 seconds. Passive: Each energy ball can devour an enemy ranged basic attack once, increasing the ball's damage by 10%.

Carrot Crash - Cooldown: 10.0 Mana Cost: 70
Throws a bunch of carrot bombs in the specified direction. Each carrot bomb deals 150(+0) magical damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed by 1.5 for 75% seconds. (If an enemy steps on multiple carrots from the same bunch, they will take less damage each time.)

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