Hanabi Build Guide Mobile Legends

Hanabi Build Guide Mobile Legends
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    • Hanabi
      • RoleMarksman/Assasin
        Price32000 BP/599D

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    • Hanabi Lore
      • Hanabi received the teachings of the Scarlet Shadow  Ninja sect’s Supreme Grandmasters from a young age, exhibiting natural talent, that far exceeded any of her peers, until she met a young shadow ninja called Hayabusa. This was the very  first time the proud Hanabi came across anyone who could hold their own against her. Whenever tge moon was full, Hanabi would try to find ways to provoke this young shadow ninja into dueling with her, however, she could never defeat this youngste, who fused spiritualism with shadow techniques to create a new powerful style.As the two of them slowly grew up together, it begun to dawn on Hanabi that this young shadow ninja carried the burden of an inescapable fate. Hayabusa was in fact destined to challenge and kill the Legendary former Shadow of Iga for his betrayal of his clan. After the two ninjas fought, Hayabusa would lied on the ground, staring at the full moon in the sky, the refelction of the moonlight in his eyes quietly burning in Hanabi’s heart. Having never felt this kind of feeling before, Hanabi bacame very distressed. Whenever she saw Hayabusa and the young spiritualist girl known as Kagura smiling and laughing as they greeted each other, her heart would fill with inexplicable rage and vexation. When she heard that Habusa would become the Clan’s nect Shadow, she decided to take on the name Scarlet, and from the scarlet vault of the Supreme Grandmaster, she stole her sect’s forbidden weapon --- Higanbana. Hanabi decided that she challenge her age-old rival to one final competition, and now her one aim in life is to find and kill the disgraced former Shadow before Hayabusa does. 
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    • Hanabi Gameplay

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