Story of New Hero Selena Mobile Legends

New Hero Selena Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends New Hero Selena Lore, Stats, Price, Abilty, Gameplay and Skills in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

New Hero Mage Selena Mobile Legends

Introduction: A doul sorcerer who can use their teammates' souls to gain different skills. A medium range sustauned damage hero.
Passive Skill: When HP drops below a certain percentage, a percentage of the hero's current Mana will be converted into a shield.
1st Skill: Launches soul eaters at all nearby enemies. After hitting enemies, soul eaters drain the power of the enemy'soul, dealing damage to the enemy and healing the caster for a certain amount of HP after returning to the caster's side.
2nd Skill: Creates a soul storm, infliciting a powerful deceleration effect and damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of the caster.
Ultimate Skill: Forms a soul bond with a friendly hero. After the bond is formed, the caster gains different skills depending on the characteristics of the connceted ally.
Melee Ally: The caster enters an etheral state, becoming immune to physical damage. Colliding with an enemy while in this state will deal damage to them and immobilize them.
Ranged Ally: The Caster can launch a Soul Shock wave at a specified enemy target. This skill cools down immediately after hitting its target.

Story of New Hero Selena

South of the Moniyan Empire lies a bottomles abyss, engraved into this barren landscape as if an ancient demon used the sharpest of blades to carve a disfiguring scar into the Land of Dawn. People call this the Shadow Abyss.

Sealed away at the bottom of this legendary abyss, lies the most terrible demon in the Land of Dawn - the Abyss Dominator. But as the seal slowly fades, the will of the abyss gradually grows stronger.

The demons at the bottom of the abyss tirelessly devise plots to strengthen the power of darkness, persuading misguided believers to provide them with sacrifices for their eveil cause. They use these sacrifies to feed the 'Abyss Devil', a monster formed of the purest dark energy that waits in the darkness to devour its prey.

Selena, a young Dark Elf, was sacrificed to the Shadow Abyss by fanatics in exchange for dark energy, and as Elves are the Abyss Devil's favorite sacrifices, Selena was offred up immediately by the demons. The Abyss Devil maniacally drilled into Selena, severe pain and desperation spreading throught every corner of the young Elf girl's body. Just as she was about to be consumed by dark magic, a mircle occured - a warm blue light enveloped the girl, and the dark abysall magic and this mystical power began waging a sabage battle inside her fragile, young body.

Selena awoke find herself lying in the depth of the abyss, her skin now a mysterious blue tone and her lavender eyes filled with a scarlet glow, with the Abyss Devil lying quitely at her side.

The Demons of the abyaa were busy wonderig what had just happended. Little did they know, the will of the Abyss had arrived. This girl is loved deeply, and this love has protected her from being consumed by darkness. The Abyss and the moon god - these two opposing forces have reached a balance within her body. An ancient, hravy voice echoed throught the minds of the demons, Leave this girls to me. She will become the strongest warrior of the shadow Abyss! The demons obeyed the abyss' command and left her there. When Selena reappeared before the demonic inhabitants of the abyss, with the Abyss Devil at her side, she had completely forgotten her past.

She found that she could skillfully manipulate the abyss to release dark magic, a demoness capable of tearing her enemies to shreds. The will of the Shadow Abyss appointed her as its voice, making it her duty to rule over the demonic denizens. Even the proud Queen of Blood Magic began to feel unnserved upon seeing this young Dark Elf Girl, not only because the abyss had chosen her, but also because Alice could sense the terrible power lying within this seemingly cute and mischievous youngster. 

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