Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Dictionary

Mobile Legends Dictionary
MLBB dictionary for all the players to be able to understand words, terminologies and abbreviations used in the game.

Ace - When all heroes on the enemy team are dead.
ADC /Attack Damage Carry - is term used to refer to a heroes that deals strong, continuous damage with their basic attacks and scales with attack-related stats - i.e. Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed. The role was retired in official contexts and replaced with Marksman.
AFK - Away from keyboard. (phone) cr. Charles
Aggro - To have tower aggro means the tower is targeting (and so attacking) you. You can lose tower aggro by stepping out of range of the tower. You can gain tower aggro by being the first to step within tower range. Or if you enter within range of the tower, say after your minions, then you can still get tower aggro by attacking an enemy champion while under the tower.
Airborne - A unit that is airborne is unable to control its movement, attack or cast abilities for the duration.
Armor - used to calculate the reduced damage (in percentage) taken from basic attacks and abilities that deal physical damage.
Assasin - are highly mobile Heroes specializing in single-target burst damage.
Attack Speed - The speed rate at which a heores uses their basic attack.
Attribute - a piece of data that represents a particular aspect of a fictional character.

Bait - Someone who is used to lure enemy Heroes. Usually your team will be ready to jump on the enemy as soon as they attack the bait.
BD - Backdoor; to attack a tower without any minions.
Blind - A unit that is blind will miss its auto-attacks for the duration. Miss occurs on-hit, and does not prevent attacks from being declared.
Bobo - idiot/ lack of knowledge to the game. Also consider as NOOB cr. hueyyy
Bot - The bottom lane.
Brb - Be right back. cr. Charles
Buff - increase in power levels as a result  of adjustments to game mechanics,  usually in pursuit of game balance.
Build - The set of gears/items you buy for your heroes.
Bush/brush - The tall grass on every map in which you can hide.

CC /Crowd Control - is anything that prevents the target from moving or attacking. Rooting, binding, stunning are all different types of hueyyy
CD - Cooldown
Cooldown Reduction / CDR - The percent reduction in the time after an ability is used by a hero before it can be used again.
Critical Chance Rate Reduction - Critical Strike Chance is lessen by the sum of all #% Critical Chance Rate Reduction gears.
Critical Strike Chance - The percentage damage increase provided by critical strike chance.

Def - Defend
Dive - To dive or tower dive someone is to fight them under their turret. This means that you will get attacked by the tower while you fight him and so receive a lot of damage.
DPS - Damage per second

Elo - Elo rating system
Elo Rating System - a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games.
Exchange - An exchange is when you exchange damage with your opponent. Usually, in lane, when you go to poke/harass your opponent, they will face you and do some damage back. If you deal much more damage than you take then that was a good exchange. If you take much more damage (be it from minions or the enemy hero) than you deal then it is a bad exchange. If you deal damage but receive none, then it is not an exchange, but just free harass.

Farm - To kill minions, monsters and get gold. Someone who is well farmed has a lot of cs.
feeder - a player who feeds other team with gold/xp points and power by allowing himself or on some occasions herself or itself to die in an awkward, meaningless way thus fattening enemy players and allowing them to dominate and often win.
Fighter - a diverse group of short-ranged heroes who excel at both dealing and surviving damage.
FTW - For the Win. Can be used to describe that something was good/ lead to the victory of this game (e,g, Heal-bait ftw!) or ironically to say that something wasn't good at all and did the total opposite of winning a game (e.g. yes, go in 1v5 ftw!)
FU - Stands for f*** you. More often than not this is meant in a friendly way to express frustration. Fuuuuuuu would be used at elevated levels of frustration and would be equivalent to f*** youuuuuuuuuuuu.

G - Game!/ Go!
Gank - To flank an enemy champion by surprise and attempt to kill them. Usually done by the jungler, or a roaming mid laner. Also known as "roam."
GG - Good game. A polite phrase showing good sportsmanship said at the end of the game. However, it is also sometimes used to signal that the game is already over. E.g ‘gg!’ 
GJ - Good job. Often said to a teammate when he/she did something very good, or to the team as a whole after a successful fight. It is also often used sarcastically after someone does a terrible job.
GL - Goodluck

Harass - To deal significant damage to someone frequently. This is different from a fight and is usually used in the laning phase where the enemy slowly gets lower and lower in health so that eventually he will need to recall to base or will be low enough for you to jump on him and kill him.
HF - Have fun
HP - The total damage a hero may take before dying.
HP Regen - The rate at which a hero's health is naturally restored.
Hug - See tower hug.

Initiate - To be the first to engage in a fight.
Innate - A ‘4th ability’ that every hero has and starts off with at lvl 1. This ability can be seen to the left of your q ability and is usually minor compared to your other abilities. Often called 'unique passive' or simply 'passive'. Technically, your innate is a passive ability, but not every passive ability is innate.


Kick - Kick someone from the team. cr.Arvi
Kiting - is attacking an enemy and running from them all at the same time. cr.Legendary
KDA - Kill, Death, Assist
KS - Kill Steal

Lag - is a noticeable delay between the action of players and the reaction of the server in a game.
Leash (purple/yellow) - Helping the jungler with a neutral monster until the monster is at ~30-40% of health, so that the jungler can finish it off. Those that are leashing will leave before the monsters are killed, so all EXP goes to the jungler.
Lifesteal - The percentage of the damage done by a hero's basic attacks that is returned to them as health.
Log - a part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off. (misconception of LAG) cr.Legendary
Lord - The most powerful neutral monster on Match Up/ Ranked mode.

Macro - The one who has a insight that knows what is happening in a game and knows how to counter a situation. Usually used play style by initiator like tanks, assassin or fighters. cr.Joshua_#04B
Mage - are heroes who typically possess great reach, ability-based area of effect damage and crowd control, and who use all of these strengths in tandem with each other to trap and destroy enemies from a distance.
Magic Damage Reduction - Magical Damage is lessen by the sum of all #% Magical Damage Reduction gears.
Magic Penetration - How much the magic resistance values of targets are reduced during magic damage calculations.
Magic Power - Provides scaling on magic abilities.
Magic Resistance - Used to calculate the reduced damage (in percentage) taken from abilities that deal magic damage.
Mana - The maximum mana available to a hero for casting abilities.
Mana Regen - The rate at which a hero's mana is naturally restored.
Marksman - are ranged heroes whose power almost exclusively revolves around their basic attacks.
Meta - Denoting a change of position or condition: "metamorphosis"; "metathesis".
Micro - being able to click fast and have those clicks do something instead of just being spam hits.
Mid - The middle lane.
Minion - allied or enemy units that spawn automatically to charge into battle with the purpose of attacking enemy units in the lanes they are assigned.
Missing in Action (MIA) - Signals that your lane opponent (or the specific enemy you mention) is no longer visible on the map, and may be on their way to "gank" a teammate.  Everyone should be careful and watch out for the missing hero/heroes.
Movement Speed - The speed at which a hero moves around the map.

N1- Nice one.
Nerf - To weaken a certain a characteristic of the game, usually a champion, in order to balance the game.
Newb/Newbie - Originally termed to be a beginner.
Noob - refers to someone who is a bad player.
NP - No problem

OMW - On my way cr.Arvi
OOM - Out of Mana
OP - Overpowered

Passive - An ability that has a more permanent effect. This can be 1st skill or innate ability. But most often, when people say passive, they simply refer to your innate. See innate for more information.
Physical Attack -  is one that involves dealing damage to a target in any number of ways that do not involve "magic".
Physical Damage - is dealt by all basic attacks, by some Heroes abilities and by some gears effects.
Physical Damage Reduction - Physical Damage is lessen by the sum of all #% Phycal Damage Reduction gears.
Physical Penetration - it counters the effectiveness of physical protection and allows attacks and abilities to deal closer to its full damage output.
Poke - Harassing the enemy team with long range abilities like piercing arrow and similar skills. This is done when the two teams are facing off before a team fight or when contesting an objective, in order to put the other team at a disadvantage when the fight starts.
Pro - opposite of noob, someone who is very good in game/ certain hero. cr.Arvi
Proc - Trigger effect / scaling cr.Legendary
Push- To advance in lane towards the enemy nexus with the intention of destroying towers, inhibitors or base.

QQ - When used as capitals, these look like a set of crying eyes and so refer to someone who is crying/raging.

Ranks - Warior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Glorious Legend, Mythic. cr.Arvi
Reaper - A monster that gives red/yellow buff.
RG - Rank Game
Resilience - Reduce or recover quickly from difficulties: Crowdcontrol, stun, slow, etc.Roam - A player/hero is roaming when they are not staying in one place (or lane) but rather moving across the map constantly to gank other lanes, invade jungle, etc. This is sometimes referred to a seperate role and in this case usually replaces the support. Fanny is a good example of a champion who can play support but can then suddenly go roaming when necessary because of his strong supporting and strong ganking abilities.
Resilience - Reduce or recover quickly from difficulties: Crowdcontrol, stun, slow, etc.
Root - A unit that is rooted is unable to control its movement for the duration (occasionally referred to as a snare).

Scaling - relative increase in a champions power as they level up and acquire core items compared to other champions. cr.Arvi
Silence - A unit that is silenced cannot cast abilities or activate items for the duration.
Slow - A unit that is slowed has reduced movement and/or attack speed for the duration.
Snowballing - Getting bigger (stronger) as game goes on. cr.Legendary
Solo top - Refers to the top lane (usually in Ranked game/Match up) when held by one hero.
Spell Vamp - The percentage of the damage done by a hero's abilities that is returned to them as health.
Spinner - A monster that gives blue/purple buff.
Stack  - This word can be used in many different ways but always involves multiplying the effect of something. A stack is originally a more or less orderly pile or heap: a precariously balanced stack of books. There are items that "stack" or "pile up" a certain value for each time you do a certain action like auto-attacking using a skill or killing a hero.
Stun - A unit that is stunned is unable to move, attack or cast abilities for the duration.
Support - are the most selfless heroes in the game, forgoing personal power to assist their allies with potent utility and keep enemies at bay with crowd control.

Tank - tough melee Heroes who sacrifice damage in exchange for powerful crowd control
Tier - are usually to indicate the power that a player can contribute and how effective they are in a game.
Top - The top lane.
Tower hug - To stay near your tower to deter enemy champions from attacking you.
Trade - see exchange
Turret - Is a tower in MB gameplay, providing damage, vision, and general control of the surrounding map.
Turtle - A nuetral monster in Match Up/Ranked game.
TY - Thank You

U2 - You too. Often said in response to ‘good luck and have fun’.
Ult - Ultimate. Refers to heroe's 3rd ability, which he/she can usually only pick at lvl 4.
Unique passive - An other word for innate. See innate for more information.


WP - Well played.


YW - You're Welcome cr.Arvi


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Mobile Legends Today: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Dictionary
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Dictionary
MLBB dictionary for all the players to be able to understand words, terminologies and abbreviations used in the game.
Mobile Legends Today
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