Rework Bane - Lord of the Seven Seas Mobile Legends [Developer Update]

Rework Bane
New Rework Bane Mobile Legends - Hey there, I’m Arnold, designer of the new Bane. A while back, we decided to redesign Bane and released a questionnaire about him for you to take part in. We received a lot of great suggestions and advice from this, which helped a lot with the redesign process. As a pusher-type fighter, the old Bane’s skill design fell short of its intended goal. In fact, there were many problems holding Bane back from achieving his intended potential, so we decided to redesign this hero.

The new Bane inherits the old Bane’s pusher role, but at the same time features more powerful team fight utility, thanks to the following adjustments:
  1. His first skill has been optimized and adjusted to release his Crab Claw Cannon in a specified direction. When Crab Claw Cannon shells reach their target destination or their furthest possible distance, they now scatter backward, slowing enemies in range and afflicting them with the “Inked” effect. This skill now has a longer range, and once you master its scatter range, you can hit your targets from a very long distance. 
  2. His second skill has been revamped. Although his team-healing ability has been changed into a self-healing effect, it now greatly enhances his damage potential. We hope Bane can now play a bigger role in team fights, rather than filling in for what a healer should be doing.
  3. His ultimate has also been redesigned. Bane no longer summons big, bulky warships, but instead calls upon evil deep-sea fish, that obey Bane’s command to chase his designated target and continuously attack up to two targets in their radius. The terrifying thing about these fish is that they can also attack towers!
  4. We’ve also improved Bane’s passive skill. Bane’s Shark Bite is a signature skill that everyone seems to be most satisfied with, so we retained the basic design and enhanced it. Bane can now use his first and second skills to inflict targets with the “Inked” effect, and now, basic attacks against a target inflicted with the “Inked” effect will reduce the cooldown of Shark Bite by 0.5 seconds.
  5. Finally, Bane is no longer the evil captain you once knew. He’s now a fallen hero from the ocean depths, leading his crew to dominate the high seas once more.

Well, that’s all for today, but if you want to find out more about the new Bane, you’ll need to experience him for yourself in the game! 

Happy gaming!

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