Mobile Battleground Blitz: New Concept MOBA

Mobile Battleground – Blitz

Mobile Battleground – Blitz is a new-concept MOBA. 

More fun shooting controls than traditional MOBAs and just 3 min per match. No farming or jungling necessary. Just team fights from the start.
A simpler eSport game, a more thrilling team fight experience, and more varied gameplay options.

Fast-paced Battles

3 seconds to get started. 3 mins to finish a battle. Fast-paced lightning battles will keep your fingers flying!

Real-time 3v3 Shooter Showdown

Find well-matched opponents as you climb the ranks. Start intense, online brawls anytime, anywhere!
Powerful Heroes, Rich Tactics & Strategy
Summon powerful heroes to attack, dodge, gank, and counter! Ultimate incoming!
Stunning Visual Experience
Meticulous character models. Gorgeous battle maps. Behold the spectacle as the battle ebbs and flows!

Fabulous Rewards at Every Turn

Open chests, collect items, upgrade Talent skills, and unlock Legendary heroes!
Have a game while you have a break! Blow away your boredom in just 3 minutes! Relax and enjoy casual showdowns, or team up with friends and climb the leaderboard against players worldwide!
Say goodbye to the same old tower-pushing and try a variety of gameplay:
  • Energy Crystals: Steal a full 10 energy crystals to start the victory countdown. Hang on to them until the clock runs out to win!
  • Ancient Idol: The Idol constantly moves around and possesses great power. Occupy the Idol and it will begin laying waste to your enemy's base!
  • More gameplay is constantly being released. Stay tuned!

Mobile Battleground Gameplay

Main tagMOBA Shooting
Grahpic3vs3 Battle Arena Sci-fi
Graphic Quality (in game setting)3D
FPS (in game setting)High, Middle, Low
Battle ControlBattle Control : Manual
MapLobby Arena15
PriceFree to play, In-App Purchases
Requires Android4.1 and up
Requires iOS-
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese
Offered ByAlchemisted Tech

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