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Cyclops Build Guide
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    • Cyclops - Starsoul Magician
      • RoleMage
        Price24000 BP/499 D

Cyclops Build

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    • Offensive Build
    • Cyclops Offensive Build
      1. Enchanted Talisman: +55 Magic Power. +400 HP. +25 Mana Regen. +20% Cooldown Reduction. Unique Passive Mana Spring A kill or assist regens 20% of hero's HP within 5s.
      2. Arcane Boots: +25 Magic Damage Reduction. Unique Effect +40 Movement Speed
      3. Concentrated Energy: +70 Magic Power. +700 HP. Unique Effect 30% Spell Vamp
      4. Devil Tears: +40% Magic Penetration. Unique Passive Spellbreaker When HP is over 70%, the unique attribute for this equipment will increase 30%
      5. Holy Crystal: +90 Magic Power. Unique Effect +25 Magic Power / Unique Passive Exterminate After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built in cooldown time of 10s
      6. Blood Wings: +150 Magic Power. Unique Passive Covenant Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.

    • Bruiser Build
    • Cyclops Bruiser Build
      1. Enchanted Talisman:  +55 Magic Power. +400 HP. +25 Mana Regen. +20% Cooldown Reduction. Unique Passive Mana Spring A kill or assist regens 20% of hero's HP within 5s.
      2. Magic Shoes: +10% Cooldown Reduction. Unique Effect +40 Movement Speed
      3. Oracle: +850 HP. +36 Magic Resistance. +35 HP Regen. +10% Cooldown Reduction. Unique Passive Scream Within 4s after being attacked, the hero will regen 4% HP. This effect has a 8s cooldown time.
      4. Ice Queen Wand: +75 Magic Power. +15 Mana Regen. +7% Movement Speed. Unique Passive Freeze Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 10% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 3 times.
      5. Courage Bulwark: +770 HP. +45 HP Regen. Unique Passive Bravery Raises attack and defense of surrounding allies 10%.
      6. Immortality: +800 HP. +40 Magic Resistance. Unique Passive Rebirth Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.
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    • Kagura best build
      Kagura Top Build

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    • Cyclops Stats
      • Movement Speed240
        Physical Attack112
        Magic Power-
        Magic Resistance10
        Attack Speed0.8
        Hp Regen38
        Mana Regen20
        Basic Attack Crit Rate -
        Ability Crit Rate-
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    • Cyclops Lore
      • Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little. He watched all days and nights and discovered the truth that planets were moving all the time. And this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous Starsoul Magician in his homeland. Planetary movements will never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. I come, I see, I conquer! Said Cyclops.
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    • Cyclops Skill
    • Cyclops Skills
      1. Stardust Shock: Gathers the power of stars and casts two shock waves of stardust, each dealing 220/240/260/280/300/320 pts of magic damage to the enemy.
      2. Planets Attack: Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, dealing 200/225/250/275/300/325 pts of magic damage to them (damages dealt to the same target will decay).
      3. Star Power Lockdown: Cyclops wields the power of stars to his fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track his enemy, dealing 500/600/700 magical damage. The target will be immobilized for 1/1/1-2/2/2s based on sphere\'s flying distance.
      4. Starlit Hourglass: The deep bind with stars gives Cyclops the power to control time. Current cooldown of all skills will reduce by 0.5s when his skills hit enemies.

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    • Cyclops Strategy
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    • Cyclops Gameplay

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