Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends: What's the Difference?

Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends

There is no doubt that Arena of Valor (AOV) has grabbed the attention of MOBA fans in the mobile gaming community, and is facing against Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), arguably the most popular mobile MOBA currently. Let’s take a look at what’s similar about them and what sets them apart from the rest.

HUD/ Control Scheme

MLBB players who are picking up AOV should master the control in no time as the same joystick control is used in-game, including the 2 buttons to target minions/buildings. The lower part of the HUD (Skills, Talent, Recover and Teleport) is positioned as they are in MLBB.

However, the Shop icon, buying of items, scoreboard, hero stats and ally heroes icons need some adjusting to get used to.

Ranked Games Measured By Stars

The loved/hated stars system for Ranked games in MLBB can be found in AOV. It’s a pretty straightforward system – win a game and gain 1 star (or 2 if you hit the max Brave Points), lose a game and 1 star will be deducted (or none if you hit max Brave Points). Rank up upon gaining a star after acquiring the full set of stars for your rank. The opposite applies to when you lose a star when sitting on an empty set of stars.

As for any MOBAs out there, the same frustration is still plaguing the community when they lose a star due to incompetent and AFK teammates.


Talents in both games feel familiar. That’s because they are essentially the same spells when compared to Battle Spells in MLBB, with a different name. For example, Punish (AOV) is essentially Retribution (MLBB); both these spells are used for effective jungling. Roar (AOV) and Fury(MLBB) is another example.

Blue Buff / Red Buff

If you’ve played a few rounds, you would’ve realised that the Might Golems and Sage Golems (Reaper and Spinner in MLBB) gives buffs that differ greatly from their MLBB counterpart. Killing Sage Golems gives 2% Mana Regen per second and decrease skill cooldown by at least 20% while killing Might Golems allows normal attacks to reduce the movement speed of the target and get a continuing damage effect.

Buffs in MLBB are no longer classified as Blue/Red buffs, instead, they are unified. Buffs can also be granted accordingly to classes now.

Free Skins By Winning

This is one of the main points that stands out from MLBB. Who doesn’t like free skins? There is no way to obtain one in MLBB unless you get lucky in the Lucky Spin, as a Season reward or through certain luck-based events. However in AOV, just by winning games, you can get up to 4 skins upon winning 50 ranked games. It’s a welcome incentive to play the game anytime.

Arcana vs Emblems

The biggest difference outside of gameplay is this. Both essentially do the same thing (boosting your hero with stats before entering gameplay), but Arcana has a bit of a learning curve as you get to customize each and every single slot in the Arcana page according to the heroes you’re using, as compared to just picking the right Emblem that comes with its default stats.

Arcana has 3 Tiers, with Tier 3 costing 2k per Arcana, which is where your gold should be saved up towards.


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